“As Long As She Understands That I’m Her Job!”

High value buffoonery is at an all time high.



It was a fall day sometime in 2020. I wasn’t driving then so I relied heavily on Ubers. Emmanuel was his name. He had a nice, brand-new whip, a Lexus if I recall correctly. I got in, we said hello, he confirmed my home destination and we took off.

I’m quiet, introverted and don’t interact with random men unless I must, so I forget exactly how we arrived at this line of conversation. He probably thought I was pretty and decided to engage me as we drove. Which is the issue I have with most men- they think because I’m in their presence that they MUST find a way to talk to me. Ugh.

Anyways, completely unprovoked, Emmanuel begins telling me that his car is brand-new and that he has four daughters and how he just bought his oldest a vehicle too. He also tells me how his ex-wife was a Black woman and that he would never date Black women again.

This was a Black man speaking, who has four Black daughters, and presumably, a Black mother, as he spoke to me, a Black woman customer in the back of his SUV…

Wow, if there’s one these Y chromosomes have- it’s the fucking audacity. I didn’t care to chat, so I responded briefly just trying to be polite as I endured the ride home.

As we neared the destination, I engaged him a bit more since he was clearly fond of making an ass out of himself. He liked to talk- about himself, of course. Honestly, I should’ve been recording the buffoonery that spewed from his mouth. He proudly proclaimed himself to be the mythical “High Value Man” that so many women are desperate for, even though he’d been divorced and single for several years at that point.

“So do you ever want to get married again?” I asked him with a childlike curiosity and innocence.

“Yes, as long as she understands that I’M her job!” He declared with enthusiasm.

Me in my head:

A healthy woman in her right mind is going to seek a relationship with a man who she believes will treat her right; with mutual respect, honor, appreciation, effort, etc. If you want to be a woman’s job then why the fuck don’t you hire a woman who intentionally chose the sex…




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