Be Better Than Smelly Ass People

2 min readApr 27, 2022
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Our noses are constantly being assaulted. Whether you’re out and about catching the after-smell of dirty people and other unwanted fumes, or you’re at home smelling your garbage, your shit or children or animal shit. Some of these things we can’t always control. Some of it we can control more often than not.

Soap costs about one dollar at the dollar store and you can buy a bottle of water for the same amount too, also a wash cloth to wash your ass. People stink, and for around three damn dollars (plus possible tax) they don’t have to. Be better than people who stink:

  • mind your breath and your hygiene
  • Wear two deodorants at once
  • Annoint your skin, clothing and hair with fragrant oils and purfumes
  • Wash your clothes regularly- you can also get laundry detergent from the dollar store and wash your clothes for about $1.25 at a laundry mat

I once had two different guy friends who each loved to wear a particular hoodie but I could tell they didn’t wash their item regularly and it just smelled musty, old/not fresh. GUYS, STOP THIS!!! Wash your shit, especially if you wear it often.

When I’m out in public, I make sure I can always rely on myself to save my nose from being violated and inducing a gag reflex . I can just stick my head in my armpit or bring my wrist to my nose and enjoy my own purposefully placed scents. Yes I do this. You should do it too. Sadly the people who probably need to read this message the most won’t see this due to their lack of self-awareness or care. If you are reading this, be mindful.

Let’s create a #smellgoodnation and #stopthestink.


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