Only Fools Deny Their Children A Head Start On Learning Technology

Shockingly, some people want to keep technology away from their children for as long as possible, but why?

3 min readApr 27, 2022


Technology is a fundamental part of our lives. Children will need to learn how to use it in order to function properly and survive in this world.

  • When we go out to eat, there is usually a screen to place and track our order.
  • When we are at the doctors office there is a screen with questions to answer so we can get checked in.
  • Everyone around them is pointing a phone in their faces taking pictures and videos to capture their precious younger years.
  • If there’s an emergency they’ll need to know how to call for help
  • They can earn a living from their phones, tablets or laptops.

Screens are everywhere. Technology is everywhere. It’s our job as parents to help them get acclimated to it. The more of a head start they have, the better. And of course, using parental discretion and blocking certain things they can view is necessary.

I’m very understanding as to why some parents don’t want to introduce technology to their children until they get older. I actually feel the same way; I’d rather my children have little to no screen time and go outside and play in the dirt, play tag, ride bikes and run around with other children like I did when I was younger. I totally get it. Cell phones weren’t apart of my life until I was around 13 years young. But times have changed and are continuing to change rapidly. And they may end up resenting you for choosing to leave them behind when it comes to our digital landscape.

Technology is like shit; just because we don’t like to smell it or deal with it doesn’t mean we should avoid teaching our little ones how to properly wipe their asses. ~Janie

Have a look at some of the children who became millionaires before graduating from high school. Some starting their entrepreneurial journey as young as six! For all of them, their level of success would not be possible without the internet or becoming familiar with technology at a young age.




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