Why Humans Should Care About Youtube’s Hostile Algorithm

YouTube’s loyalty is showing, and it’s not in favor of Humanity



Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

YouTube’s algorithm is becoming more stringent (updates anyone?). But the message lives on.

So many brave souls consistently spreading the message and speaking truth to power on the wildly popular platform, despite the risk of sounding “crazy” to the majority of people who are still plugged into “the system” or the Matrix. And one by one their channels suddenly stop being recommended by the YT algorithm. It auto plays some other random, superficial bullshit that I’ve never searched for or (purposefully) watched.

Even more, these channels are related in their content, but YouTube won’t even recommend them in the midst of each other. For example, let’s say X and Y content are related or similar. When I’m watching X, then X and Y type videos should be recommended or up next for auto play but instead YouTube will recommend content B, C and D… If I want to watch more of X or Y content, I must go into the channel and choose another video directly from the channel. Wtf!? Even though I “liked” the videos, it still won’t play more like it. Even though if B content is playing it WILL recommend more B, C and D content. Aside from that being highly annoying it reveals Youtube’s bias and loyalty to the Elites > Humanity.

What’s the message you’re probably wondering? I’ll get to that in a moment.

There’s also a racial component to be acknowledged. I know this because I play a fun, educational Black children’s cartoon for my children, called “Akili and Me”. It’s the only Black show I’ve found with consistent content where the characters resemble them. YouTube used to play another episode of the same show once the current one ended. But now, it only plays and recommends other children’s shows with all white characters.

Seriously YouTube? Not cool.

The Message = Freedom

Certain content creators are trying to wake Humanity up and remind Human beings that you are FREE. And you musn’t allow your sovereignty to be hijacked or suppressed. They’re trying to remind you to stand up for your rights…




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